The Curaçao American Prep School Introduction Video

CAPS is an accredited, private, American school on the island of Curaçao. We value individuality, critical thinking skills, and creative problem solving. Our small class sizes, blended high school, and family-like atmosphere make CAPS unique. Classes are taught in English and the school's curriculum is US based with international influences.
Please enjoy our introduction video where you can get a first hand account of what it's like to be a part of our CAPS community. 
Special thanks to all participants, and our high school student videographer, Pierre Subeh, for his creative and professional work.  

Created by high school student Pierre Subeh (BOLD Entertainment)

Our Beliefs

The Curacao American Preparatory School believes:


  • A well-rounded education addresses the intellectual, moral, physical, aesthetic, and social-emotional development of the learner.

  • All learners thrive in an equitable environment with high expectations for academic success.

  • A strong relationship between home and school is valuable.

  • All decisions made are in the best interest of the learner.

  • School is a safe and nurturing environment that embraces learning and positive self-esteem.

  • Each student is a unique individual with special abilities and needs.

  • The school and its stakeholders are committed to fulfill the mission through a process of continuous improvement. 

Our Vision

Excellence in Education - Inspiring and empowering one learner at a time.

Our Mission

The Curaçao American Preparatory School, a multicultural and inclusive learning community, strives to engage all learners in a collaborative, dynamic digital environment. In 21st century classrooms, the school fosters global awareness, individual growth, problem solving, and critical thinking

Our Core Values

Every CAPS citizen is encouraged to be:


  •         Respectful

  •         Reliable

  •         Reflective

  •         Ethical

  •         Creative

  •         Collaborative

  •         Compassionate

  •         Analytical

  •         A digital citizen

  •         A motivated learner

CAPS High School Program

Check out how our FLVS courses and class time runs.

CAPS has a blended high school program that consists of a combination of face-to-face courses and online courses. Our online courses are connected to the Florida Virtual Global School (FLVS). 


Depending on the grade level, students are enrolled in 1 to 4 online courses which are taken through FLVS. Online courses are typically electives. The majority of courses that are attended face-to-face are core courses, such as Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Calculus, English I-IV, Biology, Physical Science, U.S. History, Global Studies, and World History. Some electives are also offered as face-to-face courses such as Music: Band & Vocal, Creative Problem Solving, Physical Education, and Art. Even though students work at a computer in their individual stations, there is still plenty of interaction and movement thanks to scheduled breaks, lunch time, and the movement to face-to-face courses.


One of the most popular aspects of the virtual program is that students can work with their teacher to set an appropriate pace that works best for them. We advise students to maintain the typical pace in order to stay on track and graduate within four years. However, students go as quickly or slowly as they'd like, depending on individual needs, work ethic, and desired graduation date. The program is accessible to students and parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our base program is set up for students to graduate within a typical four-year program, but students that excel can work ahead while students that need more time can adjust their graduation date. These decisions can be made with the help of our guidance counselor and FLVS coordinator. 


It is essential that our students are able to read, write, and, speak in English. Although our kindergarten through eighth grade programs offer English as a Language Learner (ELL) support, this is not an option for our high school students.  


Each CAPS virtual high school classroom has an adult to supervise and encourage the students during their FLVS time, but the instructors are in the US and availabe via email, phone calls, and Discussion Based Assessements (DBA) on Skype. 

Created by high school student Pierre Subeh (Subeh MediaCuracao)


Helpful Links

CAPS School Board

The School is guided by a seven-member, self-perpetuating Advisory Board. The Head of the School, in conjunction with the administrative team, oversees the day to-day running of the school. Input from all stakeholders is welcomed and decisions are based on what is best for the student and what is financially sound.


The Head of School functions as the chief administrator of the school and is a member of the School Board. Regular and open communication between the Head of School and the other Board members is essential. The School Board serves the Head for the good of the Curaçao American Preparatory School community. Thus a functional Advisory Board is imperative.

Cognia Certificate of Accreditation

The Curaçao American Preparatory School is pleased to share that we meet the criteria for the educational quality established by the Cognia Global Commission (North Central Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School improvement. 

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