Do you need help with your homework?  Want to join a club, sport, or activity with other students? Are you interested in learning more about technology? Are you looking for a tutor to get better in a language or math? Want to learn a new sport? There is an after-school program for you! 

If you'd like to join a program, please complete view our online brochure. Once you've selected you preferred programs, please contact the coordinator directly. 

Are you interested in offering an After School Program at CAPS? Please contact Inga Wilson via email to discuss opportunities. 

High School Scuba Club

CAPS is working in conjunction with the Coral Restoration Foundation at Ocean Encounters in Lions Dive Resort SeAquarium.


A course where students can receive high school credit is conducted at Ocean Encounters. Ocean Encounters has set up special rates for our CAPS students. Please see the attached list of prices. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Joel directly via email at


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