Citizen of the Month


Here at CAPS we believe in a high quality education, but also that students are ultimately here to learn how to be exceptional citizens. Each month we choose a different character trait to concentrate on and reward a student from each homeroom whom exemplifies that trait. Congratulations to all our Citizens of the Month and to the CAPS body that has outstanding character! This month's character trait is RESPECT

School Events

School Event: Fitness Games


The Fitness Games, a favored event by our upper school students, challenges students to compete in fitness testing, individual events, and team sports.

Students strive to break personal records, work together to go head to head against other classes, and build each other up with their team spirit and sportsmanship. Competitive individual events include 2K run, long and vertical jumps, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and flexibility. This year we added the sprint-shuttle run and tire flip events. Team events include boys and girls soccer and coed volleyball.

This year we had some new records as well as sportsmanship, and an overall winning class.

School Event: International Week


International Week may be our most loved event at CAPS. In class, students spend their time discovering new lands and cultures. Through cross-curricular Project Based Learning they are able to analyze what they've learned, relate it to Curaçao, and create an experience to share with the rest of the community. Classrooms and areas throughout the school are transformed into far away lands and represent some not so distant pasts. 

High school honors students also presented a U.N. day style presentation that represented a cause near and dear to their hear

We concluded the week with an International Week Fair. Each classroom was represented as well as each cultural community. We shared traditional food, activities, and dances. 

School Event: Holiday Show


Our annual Holiday Show was a success this year. Students in grades K4 through high school worked diligently in their music classes to prepare their musical performances. The CAPS family came together to support the students singing, playing instruments such as recorders, guitars, keyboards, xylophones, and various percussion instruments. This year the high school students performed in small rock band groups. What a great way to end 2017!

PTA Event: Sinterklaas


Sinterklaas and his Piets came to CAPS this year. Lower school students prepared for his visit by learning traditional songs in Dutch class, making decorations in art class, and practicing their obstacle course skills in PE class. While Sint was loved by all, some were taunted by the naughty Piets! 

Congrats to the winners of the obstacle course and thank you to Sinterklaas for our gifts!



School Event: Thanksgiving


The CAPS family celebrates Thanksgiving each year. Students and teachers come together to learn about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful. We celebrate as a family by sharing what we're most thankful for and sitting down together to enjoy our feasts. 

This year each student and teacher also traced and decorated their hands to represent themselves. Our hands were connected and the chain made it around most of the lower school!



Special Event: Einstein by Design Visits CAPS


We were fortunate enough to have some visitors from the Einstein by Design group. The group put on a STEM fair for students. Many of our teachers were able to complete engaging and useful Professional Development in their STEM for Teachers course. Through Einstein by Design's influence CAPS initiated a STEM after school programs for students. STEM aligns well with our Project Based Learning philosophy and our Creative Problem Solving course for high school students.



PTA Event: Halloween


Thanks to our PTA the Primary students were able to celebrate Halloween after school hours this year. Students, teachers, and parents came dressed to impress for the costume contest. Students enjoyed dancing, Halloween themed games and treats.


If you're looking to get involved in the PTA, please fill out the information request form below. We can always use some hardworking volunteers.



School Event: Family BBQ


We start every year with our annual CAPS Family BBQ. The committee works diligently to organize food, drinks, and fun for the students, teachers, parents-The CAPS Family. We get to sit down together, enjoy good food, fun times, and each other. Thanks for all your hard work team. We can't wait for next year!




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