Physical Education

We value health, teamwork, and physical fitness at CAPS. Students in all grades have Physical Education (PE) class twice a week. Our outdoor gym facility offers students an UV protected environment to learn the fundamentals of sports, improve their physical fitness, and meet personal goals. Students practice badminton, basketball, baseball, football, rugby, running, soccer, volleyball, and yoga just to name a few. 

CAPS offers team sports for middle school and high school students. Currently we have boys and girls soccer and rugby as well as boys basketball. 

After School Activities and Programs

Word Collage created by Juhi Chawla


Visual and Performing Arts


CAPS students participate in music and Creative Arts and Music classes. They receive a mixture of visual arts, drama, and performing arts. They concentrate on rhythm, stage presence, team work, and confidence. Students have a chance to show off their hard work and entertain our school community twice a year during our CAPS Holiday Program and our Spring Concert.

Art work by Jia Wu

Art work by Berlyson Diaz

Do you need help with your homework?  Want to join a club or acitivity with other students? Are you looking for a tutor to get better in a language or math? Want to learn a new sport? There is an after-school program for you! 

If you'd like to join a program, please complete the online sign-up form. The program coordinator will contact you with additional information.

Semester 1 After School Activities & Programs


Living our school mission, we encourage a fullfilling education in collaboration with a dynamic digital environment. Students kindergarten through eighth grade attend technology classes weekly where they focus on 21st century skills with an emphasis on creative project based learning. All classrooms are equiped with 1-to-1 sets of iPads or laptops. We use Mimio products and software that bring lessons alive, allow for personalized and collaborative instruction and assessment. Students have control of their learning at their finger tips and interactive lessons keep everyone involved. Our middle and high school is equipped with individual Google Chromebooks for each student so they can connect to their online courses through Florida Virtual School and participate as global learners in their face-to-face classes. 

World Languages and ELL Support

Core subjects and specials courses are conducted in English and students also have the opportunity to learn Spanish and Dutch at CAPS. Most grade levels take language courses biweekly and high school students have  many foreign language options through the Florida Virtual School.

At CAPS we celebrate our diverse population and students that speak many different languages. We offer a pull out program for students that need to develop their English language skills in order to function in a regular classroom setting. Students work one on one or in small groups with the teacher to gain proficiency. 

Citizenship & Community Service

Here at CAPS we believe in a high quality education, but also that students are ultimately here to learn how to be exceptional citizens. Each month we choose a different character trait to concentrate on and reward a student from each homeroom whom exemplifies that trait. Congratulations to all our Citizens of the Month and to the CAPS body that has outstanding character! 

Our high school students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service during their time at CAPS. Students volunteer at local animal shelters, the zoo, to clean up our island, during school events, and around the school campus. 

The school and PTA work to give back to the island each year. In past years our CAPS community has helped the local Lion's Club Bon Bisiña program make food packages for the less fortunate, started a recycling initiative at the school, donated student made art work to the Saint Elisabeth Hospital, and collaborated with the FOL firefighters and their Toys for Tots program. This year the school continued to participate in the island wide "Clean up Curaçao" program, raised over 1,600 pounds of pet food in our school run "Polly's Pals Program", and our PTA is working on raising funds for the zoo.

Annual Curaçao Cleanup at Marie Pampoen Beach

Field Trips & Island Experiences

Each class has a minimum of two field trips per year. The trips are often aligned with the curriculum the students are learning or are connected with their current Project Based Learning goals, and incorporate cooperative learning challenges. Trips themes are sometimes about finding a way to give back to the island, for example cleaning up a local beach. 

The type of trip varies from year to year and class to class, but some popular destinations are The Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park, local farms and beaches, Christoffel National Park, Hato Caves, and downtown Willemstad which is an UNESCO World Hertiage site, just to name a few. We're fortunate to live in Curaçao where we can connect our island's Ecosystem with our science curriculum. Our high school Biology and Zoology students have been able to study the coral reef, different types of underwater ecosystems, and even take part in regrowing the reef. 

Grade 3-4 visiting the Curaçao Meteorological Department.

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