Music Program


CAPS students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade participate in weekly music classes. High school students have the option of taking music as a face-to-face elective. They concentrate on rhythm, stage presence, team work, and confidence. Students learn to read music and depending on the grade level and course they learn to play the recorders, boom whackers, ukuleles, the keyboard, drums, guitar, and base. Students have a chance to show off their hard work and entertain our school community during our annual CAPS Talent Show. High school students break into small groups and perform as Rock Bands at the Talent Show, school dances, the annual School of Rock musical celebration and various other events.

Art work by Jia Wu

Art work by Alexa Borgschot

Visual Arts


CAPS students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade participate in Creative Arts classes. High school students also have the option of taking Creative Arts as a face-to-face elective. Courses concentrate on design principals, drawing techniques, painting skills, print making, crafts, creativity, and confidence. Students' work is often showcased in the foyer of the school and throughout the grounds.

Art work by Berlyson Diaz

Art work by Troy Martis

Art work by Tyzjaira Casiana

Art work by Sheryl Galera

Art work by Jiaxin Wu

Art work by Carlos Texiera

Art work by Jason Zhou

Art work by Nicole Esser

Art work by Abdul Halabi

Art work by Jonah Kleiboer

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